MANIK ROY CHOUDHURY is one of  the lead founders of Hereabouts company ,He is the most eligible businessperson who can persevere any challenge since 1999 . He is currently authoritative  for spearheading the company’s public affairs across the country .

MANIK ROY CHOUDHURY is also the founder & financer of the recognized  firm ‘FIZAINEX’ since 2001.

From 2016, He served as chairman of Hereabouts who is a consummate example of courage, hard work, and the ability to achieve the glow of his successes

His fascinating subject was law at BAC INTERNATIONAL


SHIRIN SULTANA  is the originator of HEREABOUTS also.She has been the head of the company since August ,2016.

She is an interior architect .The greatest thing  about her,  it is simply walking into a floor after you’ve designed it…and realize that this was a figment of your imagination…Then when you’re done, you’ve got a breathtaking dream  standing there.

Shirin Sultana owned a renown  company “WOODY REIGN” since 2006. Woody Reign is former enlisted firm of

Hotel Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka, Dhaka.

She has done post graduated from Dhaka University,

Diploma at Art of Interior Design -Alliance Française de Dhaka,

Diplopa from Bangladesh Institute of Design & Development.